Outsource Sheet metal forming to Vietnam in 2022

Without any doubt, sheet metal can be considered one of the most important material in the manufacturing industry. Steel, aluminum, brass, copper, tin, nickel, titanium, or other precious metals are commonly popular used to manufactured sheet metal. With the development of Vietnam manufacturing technology and workforce, enhanced by various regulations and policies from Government, sheet metal forming has been aligned with Vietnamese supplier’s capabilities and offering an excellent opportunity  to foreign company looking for outsource to Vietnam.


Metal Curling

Curling is a sheet metal forming technique used to shape the edges of a hollow ring. Curling can be used to smooth down sharp edges and enhance the moment of inertia at the curled end. Other components, such as door hinges, are curled to fulfill their main function

Metal Bending

One of the most frequent sheet metal manufacturing procedures is bending. This process, also known as press braking, flanging , die bending, folding and edging is used to distort a material into angular shape

Deep drawing

Deep drawing is a sheet metal forming technique in which a sheet metal blank is mechanically dragged radially into a forming die by the action of a punch. As a result, the process is a sharp transformation with material retention. When the depth of the drawn component exceeds its diameter, the technique is referred to as “deep drawing

Hydro Forming

Hydro forming is a low cost method of forming ductile metal including aluminium, brass, low-alloy steel, and stainless steel into lightweight, structurally rigid, and robust components. The automobile industry, which uses the complex forms made feasible by hydroforming to build stronger, lighter, and more rigid unibody chassis for cars, is one of the major applications of hydroforming


Sheet metal punching is a cutting operation that removes material from a piece of sheet metal by providing a sufficient shearing force. CNC punching maybe used to create a variety of shapes and sizes of hole and cuts. Simple geometric form (circle, square, rectagle, etc..) or combination thereof are the most frequent punched holes


At a recent meeting with the Korean Ambassador and representatives of Korean businesses in Vietnam, Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Hong Dien said, along with ensuring safe conditions for production, the Vietnamese Government  is promoting the vaccination against Covid-19 for employees, giving priority to businesses that gather a large number of workers in industrial zones.
“Vietnam does not have to stop production to prevent and control the epidemic, on the contrary, it must boost production in all situations and find all solutions to maintain production and effectively prevent and control the epidemic. The task at this time is to ensure that enterprises in safe production zones are the highest priority of the Government and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam…”, Minister Nguyen Hong Dien affirmed.

Vietnam’s main advantage over China is the low cost of the labor force. While in major Chinese cities, the wages have surged, and manufacturers are struggling to stay profitable, the cost of labor in Vietnam can be as little as 1/3 of China’s. For instance, the minimum wages in Vietnam can be as low as $125 in certain regions. With that in mind, wages in Vietnam are increasing faster than they are in China and, in some cases, are reaching parity.
In recent years, Vietnam is expected or considered by some as the 2nd Factory of the world, or the next Manufacturing Hub of the world after China; there are many driving factors behind this:
The labor cost in Vietnam is still highly attractive to many investors, the so-called “golden population” structure is perfect for the development of manufacturing industries.

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