Opening of the 8th Vietnam-Japan Supporting Industry Exhibition in Hanoi

In the morning of August 14, 2019, the 8th Vietnam-Japan Supporting Industry Exhibition (Vietnam – Japan Supporting Industries Exhibition 2019) was opened in Hanoi. The exhibition was organized by the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (VIETRADE) – Ministry of Industry and Trade in cooperation with Japan External Trade Promotion Organization (JETRO) – Hanoi Representative Office and related agencies.

The 8th Vietnam-Japan Supporting Industry Exhibition in Hanoi attracted the participation of Japanese manufacturing and assembling enterprises displaying machinery, equipment, components and spare parts. … want to buy and businesses in Vietnam display products, machines, equipment, components, spare parts … want to sell, supply to Japanese businesses. The exhibition is concurrently held at the same time and place as the International Exhibition on Technology for Manufacturing Industrial Parts in Vietnam 2019 (Vietnam Manufacturing EXPO 2019).

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Do Thang Hai emphasized, in recent years, with the active participation of the Government, ministries, departments, localities, and the business community. , Vietnam’s supporting industry has achieved remarkable results. Industrial enterprises support the development of both quantity and quality, improve production capacity and participate more and more deeply in the global production chain. However, the development of Vietnam’s supporting industry still has many limitations, such as weak management and production organization capacity and technical technology, and the ability to self-supply industrial products. domestic support is still inadequate, trade deficit of components and spare parts is still large.

In this context, the extensive cooperation between Vietnam and Japan in the economic field in general and in the supporting industry in particular through the active implementation of the contents of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement Vietnam – Japan (VJEPA) and Vietnam – Japan Joint Initiative have been becoming an important bridge, opening up opportunities for cooperation, technology transfer and production capacity improvement for businesses of the two countries. . At the mid-term review meeting of Vietnam-Japan Joint Initiative Phase VII earlier this year, Vietnam and Japan agreed to deploy 03 contents to strongly develop Vietnam’s supporting industry, including including support for investment in jig equipment, molds, human resource training, business management, investment attraction, market development promotion to increase sales and reduce production costs.

According to Mr. Hironobu Kitagawa, Chief Representative of the External Trade Promotion Organization (JETRO) Hanoi, in recent years, the interest of Japanese businesses wishing to invest and do business in Vietnam has increased dramatically. . According to the survey showed that foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2018, the number of Japanese investment projects in Vietnam reached the highest level ever with 630 projects. This is the highest number ever. According to the annual JETRO survey of Japanese enterprises investing in Vietnam, nearly 70% of the surveyed enterprises responded that “the desire to expand production activities in Vietnam”. This figure is also among the top ASEAN countries. This shows that Japanese investors consider Vietnam to remain an efficient place of production and an attractive market.

With the efforts of developing Vietnam’s supporting industry and strong assistance from Japan, the Vietnam – Japan Supporting Industry Exhibition in Hanoi in recent years has been very important, creating premise for Vietnamese enterprises in the industry to increase production and connect with Japanese partners. In particular, the 8th Exhibition held at the same time and place with Vietnam Manufacturing EXPO 2019 has become an important event in the supporting industry of Vietnam.

Deputy Minister Do Thang Hai believes that this series of events will bring practical opportunities for businesses in the supporting industry of Vietnam to approach and learn about new market trends and achievements. new technology and technology, meet potential partners directly from Japan and internationally, making important contributions to the strong and sustainable transformation of Vietnam’s supporting industry.

The 8th Vietnam-Japan Supporting Industry Exhibition in Hanoi and the International Exhibition on Technology for manufacturing spare parts industry in Vietnam 2019 will last from 14-16 August, 2019 with the participation of Projections of more than 200 brands, from 20 leading technology countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand and the United States. These events are aimed at creating professional business opportunities to fulfill the requirements of the production line, by promoting the localization index for manufacturing and supporting industries in Vietnam. through appropriate technology solutions and partners.

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