Webinar “Effective management at site production” on November 16, 2022

VASI and P&Q Solution cordially invites you to participate in the Webinar “Effective management at site production”, in order to improve quality productivity and improve the working environment at the factory.
The seminar will be an opportunity for speakers and participants to share experiences and discuss about the topic of site production management. The companies participating in the Lean Transformation Network Program (implemented by P&Q and VASI sponsored) will share at the seminar about their experience in production line management, and lessons learned from the implementation at the company.
Participants: Manufacturing enterprises, especially Vietnamese small and medium enterprises
Time: November 16, 2022 (From 09:00 to 11:30)
Format: Online via Zoom.
– 05 Tips to run an efficient production line – Mr. Pham Minh Thang – Vice President of VASI, Director of P&Q Solutions.
– Experience in operating a Lean production line – JK Vietnam Industry Company – Member of Lean transformation network.
– A production management tool for SMEs – Digiwin Software
Cost: Free.
Keynote speaker and conference moderator: Mr. Pham Minh Thang, Vice President – Head of Training and Consulting Department VASI, Director of P&Q Solution.
Please register via the link: https://forms.gle/5uJyeqXTuuTMAFYs6
Mr. Hai Phong – Chief of Office of VASI – 0945 983 992
Ms. Bui Hue – In charge of training P&Q Solutions – 0904 606 995
Ms. Ha Thuy – Sales Manager of P&Q Solutions – 0936 35 6646

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