VASI-Panasonic B2B Matchmaking on 20 July 2022

On July 20, 2022, VASI organized successfully the VASI-Panasonic B2B Matchmaking. The event is part of the Panasonic-VASI Program 2022, which aims to connect VASI members to Panasonic Vietnam, including assessment activities, capability building, factory visits and exchanges, etc.
The Global Purchasing team of Panasonic Vietnam and 16 VASI company members participated in the event. This time, Panasonic Vietnam is looking for the products which are the complete functional components. Those components are now imported mainly from China and Thailand.
16 member companies met Panasonic in 1:1 according to pre-registered slots, 20 minutes each. Panasonic Vietnam is ready to provide technical support to guide, along with companies and VASI to develop these products. Products which VASI members could providing to Panasonic Vietnam are mechanical product components (casting, turning), functional components with metal-plastic inserts, mechanical-electrical components assemblies, plastic components, etc.
As the result, at least 5 components are considered by both sides that they are able to develop in this year to supply for Panasonic Vietnam. Panasonic Vietnam is ready to guide VASI companies to develop these products. VASI will accompany in the development of this product of both sides.
Follow up the B2B matching, VASI will continue to support members to connect with Panasonic Vietnam and accompany them in development the components. If other VASI members who are interested in supplying these products for Panasonic Vietnam can continue to contact VASI for further support. The list of products Panasonic Vietnam is looking for in, please refer here Vasi-Mãu. The list of VASI member businesses participating in the meeting can be found here Lich ket noi hoi vien VASI va Panasonic ngay 20-7.
VASI will continue to organize similar events to connect members to potential global buyers. Please follow us for information on upcoming events.

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