2018 Business matching tour in the US

Following the Program on Development of Supporting Industries carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Vietnam Association of Supporting Industries (VASI) along with Vietnam Industry Agency – Ministry of Industry and Trade organized a business matching tour in the U.S for representatives of 24 Vietnamese industrial firms.
The delegation visited the U.S from 6 to 17 September 2018, with the aim to reach new customers and learn about U.S customers demand in manufacturing market. The delegation visited San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC and New York. A business matching workshop was hosted in San Francisco to discuss about the current trade relation and the potential for trading of parts and components between Vietnam and the United States, with the participation of representatives from the Vietnam Trade Office in the US. Also, the delegation attended IMTS in Chicago. For 90 years, IMTS has been the premier manufacturing technology show in the Northern Hemisphere. In 2 days of participating in the trade show, the delegation met and discussed with potential partners about cooperation opportunity.
Below are some photos of the delegation.

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